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It had to happen, Eska is finally signed to a label that matters: Accidental Records. Actually, she joined Matthew Herbert‘s music family so she is touring with Matthew Herbert’s Big Band around Europe at the moment and she is also featured in various Accidental releases: David Sylvian‘s Nine Horses (Money For All), The Invisible and most of all, the MHBB’s forthcoming album. A long awaited debut solo album of Eska produced by Matthew is about to take shape very soon too. Accidental Records has a dope new website where you can listen to a MHBB’s cut feat Eska, check!

oh and tune of the month, Morgan Zarate feat Eska and Ghostface – Sticks n Stones is forthcomin’ on Applepips Rec.

UPDATE: Eska will support Jose James Quartet at Roundhouse, London on 6th, August 2008

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4hero’s summer goodies

Marc and Dego are constantly delivering hot productions for us fans this summer and beyond. Lets list what news coming from the 4hero lab recently:

Just Released:

2 banks of 4 – Go (4hero’s 2000black remix) (Sonar Kollektiv)

Ralfi Pagan – I Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (4 Hero remix) (Mr Bongo)

Johnny Hammond – Fantasy (Marc Mac presents The Visioneers version) (Juno)

4hero – Look Inside Remixes (Raw Canvas Records)

Nutmeg (Dego) – Nutmeg EP (Neroli)

2000black (Dego & Kaidi)- Next Set A Rockers (Third Ear JP)

To be released:

Reel People – Outta Love (4hero Remix) (Papa Records)

Sleepwalker – Brotherhood (Marc Mac Dirty Jazz Remix) (Jazzmin Records)

Platinum Pied Pipers – Stay With Me (Marc Mac Bossa Mix) (?)

Finally, leech Dego’s mix from Wadada

UPDATE: www.openseason.wordpress.com/2008/07/21/back-2-us/

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NZ’s freshness


Jewel School of Wellington delivers fresh new and firing music of local heroes and homegrown talents from New Zealand. Though its now wintertime there in Kiwiland, the 2 hours got dope summervibe, so bestest served with chilled beer or mohitos!

Playlist Jewel School Pt1 [Download Part1]

1. Recloose Feat. Joe Dukie – Deeper Waters (Deeper Chorus Version [ CDR – Protools Outtake From “Perfect Timing” LP – Loop Recordings 2008]
2. Bluevibe Studios Feat. LP and Lewis McCallum – High Times [CDR – from Forthcoming Bluevibe Studios EP 2008]
3. Electric Wire – Hustle Water [(CDR Rough Mix 2008)]
4. Trinity Roots –  Little Things (Mu’s Mix) [Trinity Roots Music 1999]
5. Feelstyle – Going Home (Submariner Instrumental) [Cant Stop Music 2004]
6. The Politik Presents Cherie Matheson – 88 Days [CDR – Forthcoming from Mark De Clive Lowe]
7. Ota Feat. Tawiah – U Got Me [CDR – Antipodean Records Forthcoming “Pacific Soul” Compilation]
8. L.A Mitchell – Circles [From “Debut” CD Album – Honesty Box Records 2007]
9. P-Money – Clarence [CDR – “This is a Beat Tape” 2008]
10. King Kapisi – Subcranium Feelings [CD Festival Records 1998]
11. Benny Tones Feat. Mara TK – Nevermind [CDR “Chrysalis” Album – Demo Mix 2008]
12. Taay and Flying Lotus Feat. Oddissee, Phonte Coleman and Tor – The Perch [CDR – Taay Mix – RBMA Various Assets 2008]
13. Electric Wire – Hustle Perception [CDR Rough Mix 2008]
14. Opensouls – Sweet Love (Adi Dick Remix) [CDR 2008]
15. Ota – White Light [From “Technology Dump” CD Album – From The Crate 2008]
16. Jet Jaguar – Perks of the Position (with J88 – Look of Love – J.S_Aikido Blend) [CDR 2005]
17. Adi Dick – 2008 Audio Colour Beat Tape [CDR 2008)]

Playlist Jewel School Pt 2 [Download Part 2]

1. Red Rack’Em – From NG to BK Feat. Finsta Bundy [Red Rack’Em 12” 2007]
2. Julien Dyne – Maddingo [From the Crate 12” 2007]
3. Noah Feat Blu – Just Relax (A Dan Aikido Remix) [Wonderful Noise Records Japan_Forthcoming 12” 2008]
4. Recloose – Catch A Leaf Feat. Rachel Fre [From “Perfect Timing” LP – Loop Recordings 2008]
5. The Tornadoes and Tyra Hammond – Cut Me Deep [CDR Demo Mix 2008]
6. Twinset – Mystical Soul [Loop Recordings 2003]
7. Fat Freddys Drop Feat. Alice Russel – The Camel [CDR Demo Version 2008]
8. P-Money – Water [CDR – “This is a Beat Tape” 2008]
9. Eru Dangerspiel Feat. Parks – Back Foot [From Forthcoming Album “Good News For the Modern Man” 2008]
10. Julien Dyne – Incredulous (Chris Cox’s Uptown Disco Edit) [CDR Rough Mix 2008]
11. Eru Dangerspiel Feat. Parks Kevin [From Forthcoming Album “Good News For the Modern Man” 2008]
12. Los Cabrones – Hola Que Tal (No Comply Remix) [Equitorial Records 2003]
13. The Politik – Turn the Light (Woozy Woo Remix) [CDR 2008]
14. Recloose – Walking In Turquoise [Rushhour Records 2008]
15. Micronism – Dissoulution [From “Inside A Quiet Mind” Album Kog Transmissions Records 1998]

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