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Sunday Jazz Q & A

Has Jazz lost its good taste in UK?

Naaah, its tastier than ever, really. There’s a revival of Jazz taking place in Britain recently with very young and well talented artists arising from both the music uni circles and streets of London and beyond.

Who are they really?

Portico Quartet, Gwilym Simcock, Finn Peters, Loop Collective, Courtney Pine & the Afropeans, Robert Mitchell and Polar Bears just to name a few.

Can I get their records online?

Sure, go to babel.ithinkmusic.com or www.jazzcds.co.uk

Where can i catch them live?

There are many jazz clubs in London, main ones are Ronnie Scotts, Jazz Cafe or The Vortex


No worries.

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Space disco ’08

Just dropped a review on Beyondjazz for the already classic Quiet Village’s debut album “The Silent Movie”. It’s a pure gem for space-disco-exotic sound lovers and is already out on !K7. Lately, there’s a big buzz about these new slowmo disco, balearic, downtempo cuts, some of them are really great, some are mediocre, here’s the list of my fave artists, labels and picks from that sphere:

Quiet Village





Mark E

Lindstrom & Solale

Hercules & Love Affair

Mountain of One


Permanent Vacation Rec

Eskimo Records

Feedelity Records

Quiet Village – Silent Movie LP (!K7)
Williams – Love On A Real Train (Version By Studio) [Love Triangle)
Mark E – Fighter & Pulse Friction EP (Sonar Kollektiv & Running Back)
Soulphiction – various (Sonar Kollektiv)
VA – Kuniyuki Remixed – Mule
Inverse Cinematics – Calm Sea/Interlplanetary Movements (Pulver)
Mudd – Speilplatz (QV Deep Space Remix) (Rong)

And this is an ace promo mix from Studio via WarmHQ blog from Ali Warm, London.

For more info, interviews, charts and more on similar stuff, take a look at the superb residentadvisor.net site

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Opolopo & Amalia

Good things always come in pairs. My fave musical duo, Opolopo & Amalia‘s new album is already in the making and sounding def hot so far, just check their demo cuts ‘Get it Together’ or Psychoanalyze’ on their myspace sites.

On their solo tip, Opolopo made a firing remix for Australia’s Nude Continuum, their album “Nightclub of the Nudist” featuring the remix of ‘Dont Stop The Beat’ is out on Respect Music. He also produces the debut album of the talented soul vocalist Demetrius Price from the Raw Fusion family. Amalia’s also been superbusy recently collaborating with Atjazz, Beatfanatic, Bakura and with 1LUV under the Cutty Lark moniker (their first single is already released on Do Right Music.) And if you’re there, press play O & A’s dope live videos on YouTube

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