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Dego & Marc Mac are back alongside Mizell Brothers, Terry D, Kaidi Tatham, Bembe Segue, J’Davey, Face…The new 4hero LP will be epic, can not wait till winter or next year!!! www.4hero.co.uk

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Carlos Mena aka Casamena is an artist, producer and dj from San Leandro, California. He writes poems, has made a hiphop album, produced and performed with many musicians and djed for 20 years. Last year he signed to Yoruba Records by Osunlade with whom they share similar taste in music. Together they founded Ocha Records to give ‘casa’ to hip-hop, soul, jazz and funk releases and projects.


The first is the “Afro Cuban Bata (Hiphop-House)” project by Michael Spiro and Carlos assembling producers and artists like Djinji Brown, Mark de Clive Lowe, Spinna, Osunlade, Vinia Mojica, Wale Oyejide, Nomumbah and Latin Grammy winner, Lazaro Galarraga. Carlos’ many remixes are also in the pipeline for DeeperSoul, Grooveland, Yoruba, and Ocha Records. His sound got that deep latin soul touch i really like and this Afro-Cuban project looks pure niceness too…

>first casamena mix in ’06<

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Troca Brahma presents:
Silhouttte Brown
Patricia Marx
Bruno E. Sexteto
Friday 28th, Live @ Jazz Cafe

Huge opening night of a series of events from July 28-30 over UK celebrating firing spirit, music and culture of Brazil presenting many talented musicians and artists from both Brazil and UK. Live shows, fiestas and parties include such names like Seu Jorge, Drumagick, Gilles Peterson, Silhouette Brown, Patricia Marx, Bruno E, Mark de Clive Lowe, Bembe Segue and many more…full list and dates here


Hotness: Patricia Marx – La No Mar

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Got the email today that the next single ‘Searching’ from the amazing Brotherly (led by Robin Mullarkey and Anna Stubbs out of London) is coming out soon on Monumental Rec. Yessai!! Their LP is due next year because Rob’s busy touring with Zero7 lately.

A Side. Searching
B Side. Searching (DirtyDog Sax Remix)


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Bobby McFerrin is a living legend, no doubt. His son, Taylor is about to follow daddy’s footsteps and his first babysteps are already heavy. He started as a beatboxer (what a surprise lol!) and keyboardist in Brooklyn, NYC, made his first contribution to the brilliant tune ‘Taylor Made’ on Bobby’s “Beyond Words” LP in 2002 and also took part in various hip-hop acts like The h.art Foundation or L Maestro


…and now in 06′ here comes his official debut EP ‘Broken Vibes’ on Rude. Taylor’s wisely fuzed his great beatbox skills and smooth voice with broken drums, melodic keys and huge amount of SOUL. More than promising start of a solo career and a really proud father Bobby must be (he is also featured on the track ‘Georgia‘!) Tay also runs his new band The Cell Theory, a hip-hop group experimenting with beatbox, rap, jazz and soul. Oh and last week on Deviation, Benji B dropped a brand new joint ‘What You Want (Taylor Made)‘ from the UK rapper Ty feat. Taylor, Joy Jones and Jason Yarde. Nuff said!


Taste ‘Broken Vibes’ (Isoul8 edit)

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Yukimi Nagano is like a dreamy young girl from a japenese anime. She looks really cute, her voice is silky, sensitive and innocent. Started singing as a child, met with Koop and the swedish new skool jazz boys, Christoffer Berg aka Hird and Andreas Saag aka Swell Session in high school in Gotenburg. She has collaborated with many of them in the last couple of years or so. Now She is the vocalist of the swedish outfit Little Dragon (their limited debut EP is out on Off the Wall), also singing on the new Sleepwalker and Koop albums. To my greatest pleasure, she is all over the place now including myspace of course -> Yukimi


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Heard some new joints from the forthcoming Sekoya LP “Dalawa”, luvin them to pieces, future soul-bruk-jazz nuggetts from Canada. this album is gonna be spesh!! and Amalia‘s voice is truly magical…(btw dalawah refers to her filipino origin ,-)


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Got a msg on myspace if i dig Roy Ayers, I should check out this guy: www.myspace.com/steviebutler So I did…. He is BAAAD! feeling this vibe a lot, a bit Ayers, a bit of James Brown but still unique and fresh!! Here’s his official site too: www.stevebutlermusic.com

Steve Butler

His LP was out last year, Where have i been so far!?

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One of my fave, if not my most fave band Fertile Ground Live at Jazzrefreshed London…

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here’re the blogs of 3 names who need no further introduction at all:

gilles peterson

mark de clive lowe

toshio matsuura

more to come…

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